Sput Targets Reactive Target Set - ORANGE 4 Pack

Sput Targets

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Reactive Targets

This standard pack of Spüt Targets contains four powder filled targets plus one H Frame target stand. The colors included are Red, Blue, Orange & Green. Each target comes filled with 121 pockets of powder consisting of two colors. White areas on the target contain no powder. These targets are reactive powder targets so you know when you hit your target. Enjoy shooting these targets for hours with the pockets that are filled with biodegradable cornstarch powder that keep showing your shots when you hit. 

Target Shooting

Although these targets are not technically exploding targets, once hit with a bullet the powder gives off an "exploding" effect. This exploding target effect is super popular when out on the range and makes shooting fun for all ages. Take your kids out with their BB guns, .22lr rifles, pistols and other firearms to shooting and enjoy the reactive powder targets. 

KEEP DRY. Each target is roughly 7" x 5.5". The targets rely on the dry powder inside to properly poof. We seal the packs in airtight plastic in a low humidity environment to ensure the best results. Once the pack is open, use immediately or store in a low moisture environment.

Exploding Target? Or Reactive Target?

Technically all Sput Targets are considered reactive targets that use a powder system that blows into the air once shot. So although they are not exploding targets, they give off the appearance of an exploding target, without the risks that can sometimes come with exploding targets. The powder is responsibly dyed cornstarch and fully biodegradable. The cardboard targets are also fully biodegradable. The H Frame stand is, of course, metal. Please reuse and enjoy.

7 inches
5.5 inches
4 Orange Targets and One Metal H-Frame

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