Best Type of Target Stand for Shooting?

Posted by Ricky Taggart on May 31st 2023

Man shooting target at a shooting range

Deep slow breath. Hold briefly. Aim carefully. Gradually breathe out while softly squeezing the trigger in one fluid motion. BANG! Now... where the heck did you hit the taget? You squint your eyes against the bright sunlight.. did you even hit it? Even with binoculars you're not quite sure.. For centuries marksmen have practiced their aim on glass coke bottles, 25mph county road speed limit signs, fresh cut logs, and unlucky small critters. Yet, the question still stands - which shooting target stand provides the most enjoyable shooting experience while simultaneously improving the accuracy of the shooter? In this short blog, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of 3 of our favorite shooting target stands.

Target Stand #3 - Paper/ Cardboard Bullseye Target

paper bullseye target
You've used them plenty of times. Maybe hundreds of times. They come in all shapes and sizes: Red, white and blue bullseyes. An unsuspecting whitetail with lungs and heart outlined. Dark, shadowy depictions of threathening criminals. Certain political figures. The list goes on and on. These are undoubtably the best targets to use at an indoor range, but they have their limitations when brought outside or put at a distance of greater than 25 yards.

Pros of Paper Target Stands:

  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to find
  • Can be used with any caliber

Cons of Paper Target Stands:

  • Difficult to see target from a distance
  • Nearly impossible to see where you hit
  • Damage easily
  • Susceptible to rain/ snow/ damp conditions
  • Difficult to mount

Target Stand #2 - Steel Targets

steel target setup
Suspended from a chain attacthed to metal legs, these laser-cut steel targets can absord many hits from high-caliber rilfes or hand guns. Identifiable by the loud ping of being hit or by scoping out the dings in the paint left by the bullet, it is slightly easier to recognize when you've hit or missed your mark when using a steel target.

Pros of Steel Targets Stands:

  • Very durable
  • All-weather proof
  • Easy to tell when you hit the target
  • Can handle multiple shots from high-caliber guns

Cons of Steel Target Stands:

  • Expensive (upwards of $150 for a full set up)
  • Can't tell where you hit the target
  • Very big and bulky

Target Stand #1- Spüt Reactive Targets

Spüt Target being shot
An exciting new innovation for the shooting community, Spüt Targets are mid-sized carboard targets filled with 121 individually-sealed pockets of brightly colored powder that give live feeback with every hit. The color that poofs out of the back when the target is hit signals whether the bullseye or surrounding area was hit. One target is filled with enough biodegradable powder to last an entire day of shooting. Spüt Targets come in packs of 4, are affordable and add vibrant color to better highlight your excellent marksmanship.

Pros of Spüt Target Stands:

  • Affordable ($22.99 for a pack of 4 targets)
  • Highly visible
  • Entertaining to shoot
  • Designed to help you become a better shooter and enjoy your shooting experience even more
  • Spüt Targets represents a culture that stands for freedom, belief, strength and self-improvement
  • Easy to order online
  • Easy to mount with included H-frame
  • Can be used with any caliber gun

Cons of Spüt Target Stands:

  • Brand new product, not in all gun shops
Red, Blue, Orange and Green Spüt Targets