Best BB Gun Targets

Posted by Ricky Taggart on May 31st 2023

Spüt Targets[/a]. We've seen tannerite, which is an absolute blast (haha) to shoot, however, it can be difficult to find, rather expensive and somewhat dangerous. Also, it won't explode when shot with a smaller caliber firearm and definitely not with a BB gun. We've also seen splatterburst targets, which are okay, but much less visible at long ranges than Spüt Targets.

4 differently colored Spüt Targets being shot and releasing colored powder.

These targets were just released online a few months ago and will be coming to sporting goods stores this summer! They are already quickly gaining traction among rifle shooters as a favorite target for long distance shooting, yet it is a little known fact that they also function extremely well with BB, pellet, air and high-powered airsoft guns. Each target is made from a piece of 'honeycomb' cardboard that is filled with 2 different colors of powder that poof out of the back of the target when it is shot. As long as the projectile shot at the target travels with enough velocity to penetrate one thin layer of cardboard, the shot will burst one of the 121 individually-sealed pockets of powder resulting in a highly visible puff of color. In fact, using a smaller bullet like a BB or a pellet is ideal for shooting these targets because you will burst fewer pockets of powder with each shot and will be able to shoot each target upwards of 60 times before running out of powder.

each target is filled with 121 pockets of powder
These targets come in packs of 4, including one target of each color option and a free H-frame! Each target is good for a full day of shooting, so we think that $24.99 for 4 of them with an H-frame is a pretty sweet deal. We'll attach a link below if you want to check them out!

Best DIY BB Gun Target - DIY Clay Pigeon Holder

Do you ever see something that makes you chuckle, shake your head and marvel at the cleverness of the modern-day American redneck? Well we sure thought that this was one of them. This self-feeding clay pigeon target sloves the problem of the classic clay pigeon holder - having to replace the clay pigeon each time it is shot.
Picture of the DIY self-feeding clay pigeon target/
While we could take our best shot at describing how we would build this target stand, we thought it would be more benificial to send you to the creator of the target stand himself.

Cheapest BB Gun Target - Pro Target BB Trap

Though this BB trap sells for $20 on Amazon, we consider it to be the best priced target for its value on the internet. Its unique design traps BBs which allows them to be reused (depending on the kind of gun used) and keeps them from making a mess. This target can be used indoors or outdoors and the paper targets that come with it can be easily reprinted at home, so you don't have to order anything to restock it once you've used up all included targets.
Photo of the Pro Target BB trap from Amazon.
This target can be purchased here! Happy Shooting!