BB Gun Targets

Posted by Ricky Taggart on Sep 18th 2023

Sput Targets are the top rated bb gun targets and can be used in the backyard. They are a great and fun option for anyone that enjoys shooting bb guns or air guns in their backyard or at a gun range. Easily the best bb gun target for families and friends to enjoy shooting together, Sput Targets produces targets that are a reactive target that give a colorful burst every time it is hit with with a bb or pellet. 

Sput Targets

To get the reactive color burst from a Sput Target, the gun needs to shoot 500 fps or faster. This allows the bb, pellet, or bullet to penetrate the front, and back side of the target and allow for the powder burst. 

The powder burst that comes from our targets is fun for kids because of the reaction they get to visually see. Compared to other targets like a paper target, or bullet trap, the color burst provides an exciting shooting option. Sput Targets has perfected the powder burst reactive target.